I’ve taken a little time off to focus on the Colorado Press Association’s 145th annual convention last month. It was a great event, featuring many of the guests you’ve heard on this podcast. But it’s an all-consuming event, and I’m excited to go back to putting out episodes.

For now, I’m dropping a guest episode of When the People Decide, a show about how everyday people are shaping democracy. It’s hosted by Jenna Spinelle, who is also a journalism instructor at Penn State and produced the News Guest podcast for LION Publishers. In this episode, she discusses the relevance of civic information with Mike Rispoli of Free Press, and then delves into how that can be put into practice with Richard Young, founder of CivicLex, a non-profit that is bridging the gap between news and news consumers in Kentucky.

I encourage you to follow When the People Decide in your favorite podcast app and visit the website at thepeopledecide.show.

Check back next episode for my interview with Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro of the National Trust for Local News.