I’m excited to share an episode of The Journalism Salute podcast from Mark Simon. Mark describes the podcast as a “journalism appreciation” podcast. His interviews with a diverse cast of working journalists are nice compliments to the interviews Local News Matters does on the newsrooms and support systems that enable that work.

In this episode, Mark talks to Lyndsay C. Green. Lyndsay is a dining and restaurant critic for the Detroit Free Press. This past year she was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for criticism for a body of work described thusly by her employer: 

“Eye-opening, thought-provoking and mouthwatering, Lyndsay’s work brings fresh perspective and uncommon courage to readers hungry for brave dining criticism. She taps into Detroit’s culturally expansive and unpretentious spirit as she reviews area eateries.” 

Lyndsay talked about her path from beauty writer to food critic, how she spoke a personal passion project into existence, a column she wrote about how Black women can go unseen in fine dining, the process by which she does restaurant reviews and other extensive coverage of her beat, and how both eating food and growing food inspire her. 

Read Lyndsay’s work here: https://www.pulitzer.org/finalists/lyndsay-c-green-detroit-free-press   

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Listen to the episode here: